Do you have a craft shop or school? Would you like to become a reseller of Slipstream products?

The minimum order requirement for wholesale pricing is R3500. This means that you have to spend R3500 cash on any wholesale purchase.

i.e. You order R7000 worth of stock at the retail price. You pay us R3500 for the stock at the wholesale price of less 50%. You resell the stock for R7000 and double your money.

Shipping on most wholesale orders works out to R350. This amount is not included in the R3500 minimum requirement.

These terms also apply to topping up of stock. We do not ship small urgent orders at the wholesale price. No exceptions for anybody. We cannot run a financially sustainable business on those terms. Wholesale pricing ONLY on orders of R3500 or more.

We ship the goods to your nearest Postnet counter. We do not do courier collections by customers. There is not always somebody at our warehouse to meet with couriers, and customer couriers often do not arrive when they say they will. Postnet works for both parties, as we can ship at a time that works for us, and you can collect at any time that suits you once your parcel is in your area.

As soon as you come on board as a stockist we will add your contact information to our website so that our customers in your area know where to find you.

If you are a traveling craft teacher and do not have a physical store, and you have the network to support being a reseller, we simply add "by appointment only" to your listing on the website.

Contact us today to place your order at


You can use the normal Order Form to place your order, just specify that you would prefer wholesale pricing and make sure that the cash value of your order is more than R3500.